What Should You Look For While Purchasing A Wheelchair


Home care equipment can be an important part of independent living for those people with disabilities. Self transportation is by far the most important part of this kind of independence. It enhances the overall lifestyle and ensures that you can get from one place to another without relying on another person. Well, a wheelchair is one such important homecare equipment for the physically disabled to provide them some kind of mobility. There are different kinds of wheelchairs available in the market and many wheelchair suppliers ensure that you get customized features to support your specific needs.

If you are looking for a wheelchair to get you around, here are a few features you need to check out:

Armrest styles

Armrests give you support and help rest your arms comfortably. They also allow you to pull yourself up while you adjust your seating position or while transferring. There are a number of styles to choose from, so make sure that you select the one that meets your needs. For example, you can select the desk length armrests that allow you to fit comfortably under a desk or a table. You can also adjust the height too. Another type of armrests are full length armrests support your arms from the back to the front of the seat. These armrests can be fixed or removable. Swing away armrests are also popular these days. Swing away armrests are perfect for easy transfers and tubular armrests are padded for extra comfort.

Footrest and leg rests

Keeping your legs dangling from the chair is not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe. Footrests are hence important to ensure that you get full support for your body. Most of the footrests are swing away and removable. Footplates are used to support the feet and are adjustable to provide enough comfort. Other than these, some wheelchairs have leg rests that allow you to elevate your feet.

Electric wheelchair drive controls

Electric wheelchairs are convenient and allow you to drive through faster. The electric controller enables you to achieve the independence you wish for! The speed is controllable and can be controlled with a conventional joystick, compact joystick, finger control, head control, touchpad control, wafer boards, proximity switch drive control.


Lightweight aluminum frames are widely available in wheelchairs. These aluminum frames are known for their rolling characteristics and are less expensive as compared to the other types of frames.

Brushless Electric motor

The motor is the most important part of a wheelchair and a brushless motor produces less sound than the brushed one.

Removable seat and seat cover

A removable seat and seat cover is the most desirable feature of a wheelchair. Well, it is a good idea to change them once in a while. Most of the removable wheelchair seats are made of soft and durable materials that provide additional comfort such as memory foam, gel foam or convoluted foam.

Source: What Should You Look For While Purchasing A Wheelchair


Author: ABLE Home Mobility Solutions

As with any major purchase - buying a motorized wheelchair or power scooter should be the result of making an informed decision. From knowing the difference between ""turning radiuses"" to knowing which accessories better enhance the user's experience - the goal of ABLE Home Mobility Solutions is to be a resource that assists potential buyers in this regard. By addressing obvious as well as not so obvious questions, we aim to match these concerns with appropriate recommendations for the right motorized wheelchair or power scooter. Using the product review pages on this website, the features and benefits of various motorized wheelchairs and power scooters will be explored in detail to justify recommendations that are made."

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